Esther Hutfless, born 1980, is philosopher and psychoanalyst in Vienna, Austria.
She* is adjunct Lecturer in Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Gender Studies, and Queer Theory at the University of Vienna.
She* gives lectures and workshops on psychoanalysis in diverse higher education institutions.

Her* main research areas include psychoanalysis, deconstruction, poststructuralist philosophy, feminist theory and Queer Theory.

Currently she* is working on the intersections of Queer Theory and psychoanalysis and on her* habilitation „Die kommende Psychoanalyse“ (Psychoanalysis to come).


Psychoanalysis to come – A “Freuderridian” Approach to a Non-Normative Psychoanalysis. In: The Undecidable Unconscious, 6/2019, University of Nebraska Press. pp. 1-27. Open Access: DOI: 10.1353/ujd.2019.0000 [peer-reviewed].

The Case of Dora – A Queer Perspective on Hysteria and Perversion. In: Finzi, Daniela; Westerink, Herman (Hg.): Dora, Hysteria and Gender. Reconsidering Freud’s Case Study. Leuven: Leuven University Press 2018, S. 135-148 [peer reviewed].

Together with Elisabeth Schäfer: The Lesson of the Cockroach. Towards an Ethics of Ugliness. In: Rodrigues, Sara; Przybylo, Ela (Hg.): On the Politics of Ugliness. London/New York: Palgrave 2018, S. 103-124 [peer reviewed].

Hutfless, Esther; Zach, Barbara (Ed.): Queering Psychoanalysis. Psychoanalyse und Queer Theory – Transdisziplinäre Verschränkungen. Zaglossus, Wien 2017.

Esther Hutfless, Gertrude Postl, Elisabeth Schäfer (Ed.): Hélène Cixous. Das Lachen der Medusa, zusammen mit aktuellen Beiträgen. Passagen Verlag, Wien 2013 (2nd Edition 2017).

„Il faut bien manger“ – „Mündlichkeit“ als Ethik der Offenheit in Philosophie und Psychoanalyse. In: Elisabeth Skale, Sabine Schlüter, Ulrike Kadi (Hg.): Lust. Verschlingen. Alles. Sigmund-Freud-Vorlesungen 2015. Mandelbaum Verlag, Wien 2016, S. 22-33.


Member of the Association for Philosophy and Literature (APL)

Member of Gesellschaft für psychoanalytische Sozialpsychologie / Society for psychoanalytic social psychology (GfpS)

Member of the International Association of Woman Philosophers (IAPH)

Member of the International Society of Psychoanalysis and Philosophy (ISPP)

Member of Verband feministischer Wissenschafteri*nnen / Association for feminist scholars (VfW)

(Member of the scientific advisory board 2009 – 2011; board member since 2016)

Member of Wiener Arbeitskreis für Psychoanalyse / Vienna Psychoanalytic Association (WAP)

Member of the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA)

Member of Österreichischer Bundesverband für Psychotherapie (ÖBVP)